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M3 Group Makes Plans to Move into New Building


Local branding agency plans to start $625,000 renovation project

LANSING, MI – M3 Group, Lansing’s full-service branding and publication agency, has announced that it has plans to move into a new building that will give the company more space. M3 Group closed on the property in mid-July and the estimated budget for the project is $625,000. The creative team hopes to be in the building in early 2017.

Founder and CEO, Tiffany Dowling and her team will soon renovate a church built in 1892 and make the corner of Seymour Avenue and Saginaw Street in downtown Lansing their new home. The new building will provide more space for M3 Group’s growing staff so that it can do more around the state and beyond.

Dowling, who started the company more than 14 years ago, has grown the organization into a large and respected agency in the area. Now staffing 25 full-time employees, the entrepreneur has big dreams for what’s next for organization.

“When I started this adventure 14 years ago, I wanted to make a difference for businesses in our community,” Dowling said. “Now it’s time for us to move into a bigger space and continue to grow our amazing team so we’re able to do more around the state and beyond.”

M3 Group was founded in 2002, when Dowling set out to provide creative, reliable and effective marketing services to the greater Lansing area. The M3 Group team has expanded significantly over the years and now offers clients a full array of services including: public relations, communications, brand creation and assessments, graphic design, website development, social media management, video production, audio production, event planning and management, and media planning and buying. In addition, M3 Group is publisher of three area magazines: Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, Greater Lansing Business Monthly and ing Magazine. With a growing need for additional staff, M3 Group’s current space is shrinking faster than ever.

“M3 Group’s growth has been exciting. We’ve added new departments and mediums to offer our clients the best results-driven solutions possible, but with growth always comes a few small challenges, in this case two buildings,” Dowling said. “This new space will bring our team together in a whole new way and I am excited to see the team’s synergy and creative capacity when we are all under one roof.”

The old brick church that will soon be M3 Group’s office was previously owned by Hay & O’Rourke Law Firm and had been designed to meet the law firm’s needs, but does not currently suit the needs of the creative agency. Dowling and a team of experts will work to reinvent the space, creating an open, airy, creative place where she and her team can move freely with plenty of room to grow. Modern furnishings, glass walls and additional work stations will complete the space.

“A big part of M3 Group is teamwork and collaboration, so I want to create a space where we can all be together but still have places where smaller groups or individuals can break off if needed,” Dowling said. “I want our clients to feel comfortable and I want my employees to be proud to come in to work each day to a space that meets their needs.”

Dowling will add additional space to nearly 8,000 sq. ft. property by potentially adding a mezzanine and upgrading the garden level to accommodate more working space. Dowling is working with the architects and contractors to conceptualize the space to make sure there is room for expansion and growth among her team, and to include a few added benefits like an event space, photography studio and sound booth.

M3 Group is a full-service branding and publications agency based in Lansing, Mich. rallying together to move businesses forward. For more information, please visit